The team

Javier Lepore: The Creative Force Behind Beautiful Walls

In the vibrant corners of the Gold Coast, where creativity merges with beauty, we find Javier Lepore, the visionary behind Beautiful Walls. From its inception, Javier has been a fearless entrepreneur, always seeking new opportunities and pushing the boundaries of design and décor.

With a restless spirit and a creative mind, Javier has transformed Beautiful Walls into much more than an interior cladding company. It's a place where imagination comes to life, and each project is unique.

But beyond his innate talent, what truly sets Javier apart is his generous heart and kind spirit. He's a dedicated family man, cherishing above all else the time spent with his loved ones. It's no wonder he has so many friends, as his charisma and infectious joy make him irresistible to all who know him. His tireless optimism is an inspiration to his team and everyone fortunate enough to work with him.

In summary, Javier Lepore is much more than a successful entrepreneur. He's a passionate leader, a loyal friend, and an exceptional human being. His vision and dedication are the driving force behind the success of Beautiful Walls, and his legacy will endure far beyond any decorating project.

Marcela Lepore: The Professional Mind Behind Beautiful Walls

In a remote corner of the university, amidst dusty books and academic debates, her story began. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Administration, an MBA, and a Doctorate in Administration, she embarked on an academic career that led her to explore the depths of organizational behavior, management, and corporate social responsibility.

In 2016, she founded FoRSE Consultancy and Training, a company dedicated to providing guidance to small and medium-sized enterprises, aiming to enhance their efficiency and competitiveness in the market. 

In 2020, her path intersected with Beautiful Walls, where she joined the team to provide support in administrative and commercial development, bringing her skills and experience to the world of decoration and interior design.

In 2023, she took a bold leap towards a new horizon. By relocating permanently to Gold Coast, and after extensive training in interior decorating since 2020, Marcela became an integral part of the stable team at Beautiful Walls PTY LTD, assuming the role of General Manager with a focus on professionalism and sustainability.

In summary, Marcela Lepore is not just a successful professional; she is a passionate leader, a dedicated family member, and a beloved friend. As the General Manager of Beautiful Walls PTY LTD, Marcela puts her strategic vision and dedication at the forefront, ensuring the company's continued success and impact in the world of decoration and interior design.


Professional Team

Beautiful Walls PTY LTD maintains a permanent staff of experts and consultants from various specialties, creating a multidisciplinary team essential for meeting our clients' diverse needs. 

Furthermore, to address the unique requirements of each project, we collaborate with top-tier professionals, forming interdisciplinary teams dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for our clients.