Wallpaper Bedroom Feature Wall

Wallpaper Bedroom Feature Wall

This wallpaper installation has to be one of the most enjoyable I have done for a while, and it wasn't just because the wallpaper quality was one of the best ones, or because I love doing what I do for a leaving, and after 25 years installing wallpaper I don't get tired of decorating rooms, offices, hotels lobbies or more, but it was because the colours of this mural was so beautiful and it goes so well with the room furniture, walls colours and the dark floors.

Also the windows bring the right amount of light into the room to shine on this bedroom feature wall, and I can imagine at night time with the warmness of the bedside lights hanging from the ceiling the look of this room would be amazing.

Wallpaper feature walls become a trend this days, and one of the reason is because you can decorate a room with just one wall. Printing is so advance compare to the days I started installing wallpaper, this was back 25 years ago in Argentina. I remember we used to visit our clients with two sample books to chose wallpaper from and we only have one place where we could buy the wallpaper. Now we have more than 14,000 different design wallpaper that we offer thru our website.

Wallpaper Gold Coast feature walls and wallpaper Brisbane feature walls are keeping us very busy as more and more people are opting in decorating the bedroom with wallpaper in Australia, and not paint. This is because when you see this photograph it say it all, wallpaper can bring your room to life, but you need to pick the right wallpaper design to do this, and Beautiful Walls can definitely help you to do this, with our extensive wallpaper design that we offer through our online shop, and our experience and professionalism we can guide you the entire process also installing your wallpaper.


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