Entry Wall

Entry Wall

The long white entry wall!!

We get asked many times for advise on what to do with the long white entry wall in our house or apartment.

If we get pay one dollar for this question, we probably don’t need to work any more, as this is the case of many of our customers. But this is one of the reasons we love what we do, because we can provide our customers with a full service when it comes to decoration.

We don’t only supply, install and remove wallpaper , but we also provide advise in what will suit better for your walls. With our 25 years experience working with wallpapers, we managed to learn the best wallpapers brands and designs out there , and we can use this knowledge to help our customers ... and that’s what we do.

People are always are looking for the best tradie for whatever they need, and when it comes to wall coverings on the Gold Coast we can say that Beautiful Walls is proud in been one of the best in what we do.

Wallpaper Gold Coast is been say many times , and we’re always there to help, we come to you with sample books, to give you ideas in whats best and always affordable prices.

Brick Wallpaper is always a good way to decorate that long entry wall, but not always works with the rest of the design on the house. Palm green leaves wallpapers is another good idea when you have dark timber floors and a big window let in the light open up the room, but this is not always the case again.

We have done many of this long walls and that’s why Beautiful Walls can advise you when it comes to this matter, we come to you, as simple as that.

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